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When we embarked our family room and basement renovation, we knew our first call would be to Christy Davis. I had seen her work in other homes and was excited to work with her on our project. Her task was challenging: to create an area that is equally conducive to holiday parties and lake gatherings as it is to story time and family movie nights. From space planning, to material selection, to design aesthetic, she created a space precisely tailored to our lifestyle. We are so grateful for Christy and cannot wait to work with her again. 

Monica Conklin

My husband and I hired Christy as soon as she opened up shop in Columbia. We felt so lucky to have found an award winning designer in our town. Her design is such a breath of fresh air from more traditional look of the area. She is always up-to-date with the latest trends and technology. Most often when I speak to her, Christy is using her free time to travel to design conferences all over the country. She is truly dedicated to her craft.

Beyond that, Christy is absolutely adorable. Her charming personality makes the sometimes stressful task of remodeling or redesigning a home actually fun and exciting! I always feel comfortable and confident in her design choices because she truly listens and asks questions about what we want for our home. 

Christy is able to design around any aesthetic. Whenever my husband and I have different thoughts for how a room should be, she is always able to come up with the perfect compromise that we are both thrilled about. She has an uncanny eye for design and creativity for days! Hiring Christy was the best decision we’ve made for our home!

Kathryn Valdes

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